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Success is academia conference coming to Drexel!

Success in Academia: Professional and Career Development Series

Success in Academia, an afternoon professional development conference, will feature accomplished speakers and panelists discussing academic career options and providing advice for graduate students and postdocs. Attendees will learn how to best position themselves for success in obtaining jobs in academic institutions, how to overcome obstacles and challenges, and gain important lab management skills. The event includes break-out sessions with options to learn about career building skills, negotiation tactics for faculty positions, or transitioning into academic careers from different job sectors. Following the sessions, a networking reception will provide the opportunity for attendees to learn more about academic career choices by interacting with panelists in an informal setting.

A professional development conference that will include:
– Nine highly accomplished speakers and panelists discussing academic opportunities for biomedical scientists
– Keynote address that will discuss “Street Smarts” of Science for Students
– Breakout sessions that will focus on mentoring in Fellowship Opportunities for Academic Career Building and Negotiating Tactics for Faculty Positions
– Networking reception with speakers and panelists

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Speakers include:

Sulie L. Chang, Seton Hall University (keynote address); Nancy Pilotte, NIH-NIDA; Debra Bangasser, Temple University; Nick Bello, Rutgers University; Jean Hardwick, Ithaca College; Grace Peng, NIH-NIBIB; Nina Tandon, Columbia University; Meredith Wooten, Drexel University; Amy Throckmorton, Drexel University;

Below: Tissue engineer Nina Tandon/Epibone Inc., Columbia University, appearing on TED talks.